IT Management always taking care of actual customers needs and we are offering the bests solutions.

Choose between single projects or fully managed IT support based contracts ( more info in pricing sheet Click Here )
Server less environment for small business
Data centers and big data for enterprise business
Clusters ( super computing ) on premises or in the cloud
Keep coping data from one windows to another ? We offering integration and automation for any type of services
We can offer a number of open source solutions which can be tailored to your specific business requirements. These products are not subject to ongoing license fees which will reduce your overall it outgoing costs. All supplied products are managed by our team and 24 hour support is available.

Our UK based Help-Desk service with SLA's is always ready to help and accept a new challenges

Our monitoring systems notifies us about the problem before end user will noticed and our Help-Desk engineers usually resolves all issues in average with in 20 minutes.
Remote and onsite support
1st, 2nd & 3rd Line IT engineer's
Cyber security consultancy

Have a messy cabinets which looks horrendous or want to renew your slow cabling? We here to help you

Our 24/7 monitoring service sees everything! Availability, performance reporting also available!
Secure firewall configurations helps to stay secure and keep away the hackers from your IT environment.
We can create for you secure environment over VPN and private broadband data lines with high speed for multiple branches and remote employees .
Networking can be complex and confusing but we always documenting and creating a diagrams of network infrastructure.
If you need to know your IT environment value our IT Asset Management program will help you to keep track of your assets around the business and know a value of it. guaranty that your data will be secure with us.

By being MSP we have lots of experience with situations how-to. Please note that cyber security plan ( vulnerability scans ) is automatically included into Full support server environment contract package.
Scheduled vulnerability checks also available to know more about them please go to Cyber security page.
Data security & encryption
Data Migration from premises to cloud
Data Migration from cloud to premises
General data migration from one data storage to another one
Data replication services between premises and cloud
Backup management and testing
Disaster recovery plans
CRM/ERP integration and management
Data Deduction with detailed reports
Data Recovery when data has been deleted or lost

Let professionals to deal with complex cloud environment to avoid any unexpected data breaches

Our IT engineers and cyber security team working close with each other and is ready to help you out regarding any type of issues what you could face, we provide high level support regarding critical server setups cyber security and basic business as usual support for employees. For the cloud solutions we offer:

Office 365
Amazon AWS
Hybrid solutions
Windows, Linux and Unix
We use only ISO 27001 certified UK based data-centers
Private Web hosting servers
More products available in price sheet and on request

 Why wireless and why it is so important

Did you knew that wireless networks it is the biggest vulnerability on enterprise and small business networks, incorrect setup's may lead you to be a target for hackers. We are offering to you  a secure and correct wireless network setup's, monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic and access control who can use wireless network and who not.
Secure Guest wireless setups for you visitors.

Little bit about hacking 

With traditional wired networks, it is extremely difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the big problem with wireless signals is that others can access the Internet using your broadband connection even while they are in a neighboring building or sitting in a car that’s parked outside your apartment.
This practice, also known as piggybacking, is bad for three reasons:
  • It will increase your monthly Internet bill especially when you have to pay per byte of data transfer.
  • It will decrease your Internet access speed since you are now sharing the same internet connection with other users.
  • It can create a security hazard* as others may hack your computers and access your personal files through your own wireless network.
 What do the hackers use – There have been quite a few instances where innocent Internet users have been arrested for sending hate emails when in reality, their email accounts where hacked though the unsecured Wi-Fi networks that they had at home. Wireshark is a free packet sniffing tool for Linux, Mac and Windows that can scan traffic flowing though a wireless network including cookies, forms and other HTTP requests.